September 10, 2006

where are all the hp bloggers?

This isn't supposed to be a blog about HP stuff. I never wanted to go there, and mostly I have managed not to. Unfortunately, this last week I just could not stay out of the HP board story, it was too important and full-frontal to ignore. There's no way I could just pretend not to notice, and just keep posting about ubicomp and music as if nothing was happening.

But after poking around in the usual hangouts, I am starting to wonder where are all the other people like me, the HP employees who run blogs and feel they have to speak up on this? Maybe I just don't know where to look, but I'm not finding them anywhere. In fact, one really weird thing is that if you look at the official HP blogs, out of the 15 or so actual people there (not counting one time event blogs), only 7 have posted at all since the flap started on 9/5/06, and none of those have commented on the situation whatsoever. Zero. Seriously. How can they just say "move along folks, there's nothing to see here" and write about business as usual? I don't understand. Maybe I missed a memo or something.

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