November 29, 2006

seven great gifts for that geowanker on your list

With the retail holiday season in full swing, I know you are racking your brain wondering, "Now what do I get for my favorite geowanker and map geek?" Fear not, fredshouse has the answer. Herewith, our list of seven great gifts for the locative media freak on your list:


The Nolli Map of Rome
, a large (45"x53") high quality reproduction, $85 from Raven Maps. If you've never seen it, you really must check out the University of Oregon's fantastic Interactive Nolli Map site as well.

HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion (HP website)
A nice consumer-oriented pocket PC media device with WiFi, Bluetooth and SiRFStarIII GPS. Cool, but pricey at $599. [Disclosure: if you buy this it will make my employer's stock go up and I'll be rich rich rich, muah-ha-haaaaa!]


Navicore Bluetooth GPS Receiver
Super-tiny 64x22x15mm (2.5"x0.9"x0.6"), 30g (~1 ounce), 8 hour battery life and supposedly available beginning in November 2006. If you find where to actually buy it, let me know!


Mapping Hacks by Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson & Jo Walsh, and Google Maps Hacks by Rich Gibson & Schuyler Erle. Two seminal volumes on neogeohacking, full of fun and interesting things to do with maps, GPS, and web map services. Somewhat technical, but not overly so.

Window Seat: Reading the Landscape from the Air, a very pleasing little book that you should take with you on your next flight. Be sure to ask for a window seat, and not on the wing ;-)

Suunto X9i Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch (Suunto website)
Amazing wearable toy that integrates GPS, a compass, altimeter, and barometer and apparently even tells you the time. It's not small as watches go, and not cheap at $510, but full geek-toy bragging rights are included.


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