December 8, 2006

interview with Elan Lee, ARGmaker extraordinaire

Elan Lee. The Beast. ilovebees. Jane McGonigal. Color me fanboy.

To be fair, sometimes I ask for things that are just too hard. Back in AI, the challenge was, hey, let’s build the game in such a way that your life just gets weird. The producers came back to me and said, what does that mean? I said, I want you to look at the web, and suddenly nothing quite makes sense anymore. And they said, well, we could do a little pop-up window. I said, what I want is, after you visit this website, your car only drives in reverse and none of your friends remember your name and suddenly your mom doesn’t speak English. And they kind of gave me this blank look and I said, yeah, I’ll settle for a pop-up window. So sometimes imagination gets the best of me.

Go read this excellent interview in gamasutra [thanks Patrick & Rych, I'd link to you but I can't find your blogs ;-)]

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