December 12, 2006

sure, i need more storage, but hey seagate, here's what i really need

I need a shelf to put it on.

So Scoble points out this contest sponsored by his blogsponsor Seagate (he's a judge), wherein you can win a 750GB(!) external drive. To particpate in this viral marketing stunt, you do a blog post like this one to demonstrate just how mega-desperate you are for more giga-storage space.

Well I do need more space, that's for sure. The lovely 200GB Seagate drive I bought a couple of years ago is getting kind of full, what with the 10,000 photos, 5000 songs, some precious home videos of my family, and backups of 2 desktops, 3 laptops, a server, plus a few hundred lame blog posts. And by way of sucking up, I really do mean it's a lovely product. It's reliable, it's pretty OK looking, and it just works whenever I plug it into whatever machine I own. I'd buy another one without reservation, and I probably will soon since I doubt I'm going to win anything here ;-)

But about that shelf, and I'm serious here. I don't want to keep my drive at home. I want to put my drive on a shelf, at the bank, in the networked equivalent of a safe deposit box. Push a little blue button every now and then, and my backups go whizzing off to the bank. So that if something bad happens at home, all my records, my portfolio of work, my music, my family memories are all safe and sound. By the way, I'm not talking about a shared online storage service; I know those exist and I don't like them. I'm talking about a physical drive that I own, that I have full physical & digital property rights over. So that if the hosting company goes bust, or changes their terms of service in an unfriendly way, or they raise their prices too much, I can go down there and withdraw my data. Empty my box, close my account. And yes, I'd pay for the services that go with that shelf. My actual physical safe deposit box at the bank runs $100 a year, and it holds way less than a terabyte of stuff. So there's a starting point for your value proposition, oh storage marketing gods.

Also, I might be ok if the shelf was from Seagate, brandwise.

And oh yeah, this will effectively double my storage needs, since I'll still want one of those little drives at the house. If that helps, you know. Well in any case, thanks for listening.

Posted by Gene at December 12, 2006 9:48 AM | TrackBack

Wouldn't this, essentially be colocation. It is typically done for web-hosting purposes, but you can colocate a server for any need you want. In most cases, you get to buy/build the server to your specs. You own/run the hardware, they just house it for you and provide the power and T1/T3 lines.

Disadvantage, of course, is it is not cheap.

Posted by: Chris Marsden at January 17, 2007 8:43 AM
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