February 9, 2007

don't go away mad...

...just go away:

The Receda Cube has been found!

"Darley, an amateur archaeologist, found the Cube buried in Wakerley Great Wood, a historic ancient woodland 110 miles north of London. He spent three days digging trenches in the woods before he spotted the Cube in wet clay. Darley could hardly believe that he beat over 50,000 other people to the prize."

Clay Shirky, Henry Jenkins & Beth Coleman three-way celebrity deathmatch in Second Life! Be sure to parse the backstory carefully, it's multi-threaded and densely textured. Hey, wouldn't it be fun if this discussion were captured in Second Life, played out on a theatrical stage by little Mummenschanz-style avatar puppets of Henry, Clay and Beth, while a nearby billboard tallied up the Resident count in giant 7-segment font? I'm just saying.

LIFT07: Five Ways to Follow the Conference From Home, in case you're stuck in Lodi or something.

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