August 4, 2007

why the apple store rocks customer experience

Reason # 518: Human Beings Instead Of Robots

So -- I'm fairly unhappy because the pricey Monster Cable mini-audio-jack-to-stereo-RCA cable I bought last month has failed. I use it to connect my iPod to my car audio system, and music is just no fun with only the left channel playing. Worse, I'm predisposed to be unhappy -- I had to buy the new cable because the damn JesusPhone audio jack is incompatible with standard mini audio plugs (and how annoying is that, I mean really). Anyway, I take the defective cable back to the Apple Store, the fellow behind the counter looks at my receipt, and notes that I am past the 2 week return window. I'm supposed to send it back to Monster, he tells me. But then he says "Let me see what I can do to swap it for you", and a few minutes later I have a brand new cable installed, and Metallica's The Unforgiven is playing in sublime stereo as I roll away from the curb.

I'd like to see that kind of goodness from the return desk at [insert your favorite digital electronics retail outlet here], instead of the usual robots. Todd's right, those last 30 feet make all the difference.

Posted by Gene at August 4, 2007 1:43 PM