March 7, 2009

farewell to fredshouse

It's almost spring, most certainly a time for renewal and taking stock. So I'm cleaning house, metaphorically. This blog Fredshouse marked the opening of a new phase of my life, and now I am declaring an end. Or at least, the end of the beginning, as someone said about the web awhile back.

I started writing here in July 2003, and my first post was a panorama of Tokyo's Shinjuku station. It was the summer of love, for mobile media anyway, and I was in Japan to discover the first fuzzy threads of a new mobile, social media fabric. Now it's almost six years later, and things have changed. But still, things are things.

So now, a new chapter for me. I'm still around; you can find parts of me here, here, here and sometimes here. Don't be a stranger, OK?

FYI, the main page now redirects to; if you really want the old stuff, the fredshouse archive page should give you a way to find it.

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