About Gene:
I live in the silicon sprawl about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose, in a temperate microclimate bounded by a fog belt on the north, and the seasonal desert on the south. Asphalt and oak trees, monster homes and cheap neon franchises. I got here by way of upstate New York and Boston, places where they have real weather and real history, but mostly I don't miss that stuff. I have a garden and a snoopy dog and two overweight housecats, all occasionally featured on this site. I have a family full of love and all the other stuff that you get in that bargain, which makes me about the luckiest person on earth, if somewhat undeserving.

In my day job I worry about new computing technologies like ubiquitous computing and utility computing. My most recent gigs have been a web-based ubicomp architecture/vision called cooltown, a utility computing service model for 3D CG animation, and the Voodoo gaming and luxury PC business.

I have too many guitars and too many computers. Or not enough, perhaps.

But mostly I'm just trying to live a decent, principled life, you know?

About fredshouse:
A long time ago, Vicki and I got to calling each other Fred, and it has stuck even after all these years. This site is published and served from our house, so there you go.

About the guitar:
It's a handmade instrument, built by Jean Larrivee Guitars of Vancouver, Canada. The top is spruce, and the back is made of a really pretty quilted maple. The bottom end is a bit boomy, but what do you expect from a dreadnought anyway? I mostly play Travis fingerstyle, and someday I aspire to being good enough at it to consider myself a musician. Don't hold your breath though. In case you like to know about the deeper meanings of things, it's also symbolic of things related to this site, as I wrote here.

What it's not about:
fredshouse.net is a personal site. That means that the views, opinions, statements, and all the rest of it are my own personal views, opinions, etc. So for instance, they are not owned, edited, endorsed or otherwise sanctioned by my employer.

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