August 11, 2003

HP big bang 2

Gizmodo has brief coverage of hp's latest product blitz. From a design perspective, the see-through vertical scanner looks like a real "object of desire"; at last some visual excitement in an hp product. The living room DVD recorder is a step in the right direction, but us dreamers still wish for integrated PVR in the same box (saw lots of them in Akihabara last month, but still waiting for one to show up in the US). Perhaps the most gratifying new product is the photo black/gray 59 inkjet pen, which will make true B&W photo printing a reality. The pen architecture is the same as the current generation of photo printheads; I only hope that hp will issue drivers for backward compatibility on some of the older photosmart printers.
Looks like iPAQ mobloggers will have to wait until October for the new SDIO camera attachment, sigh. It may be worth the wait though, with 1.3Mpixels and video+audio capture. Mounted on one of the Wi-Fi + Bluetooth models, this will be fun for hotspot warriors.

Disclaimer: I work at HP, but my opinions are mine and not my employers.

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