March 02, 2004

fredshouse zeitgeist

Installed JimFl's neat search referral zeitgeist plugin. It went without a hitch mostly, except for some clueless (on my part) trial-and-error getting the directory path right for Windows pathnames. It's mostly for my own edification and navel-gazing, but if you are curious you can take a look at the fredshouse search zeitgeist.

It covers the period from mid-January (when I started collecting referral log data) to the present, and shows search terms that led to this site. Terms are linked to the blog item they pointed at. Larger fonts mean multiple invocations of the same term. Colors are randomly selected. If you mouse over a term, you can see the number of hits as a tooltip.

Not too many weird searches have led here so far, although I do wonder what the person who wanted "gene desire monkey" hoped to find ;-)

Posted by Gene at March 2, 2004 11:43 PM