May 19, 2004

more problems for plaxo

I was already plenty annoyed about plaxo spam. Now my employer has decided that plaxo is a security risk as well.

Using Plaxo Contact Management is prohibited at HP! Third party software programs that integrate with email applications like Outlook, to collect, store, and update contact information create security risks and are prohibited within HP.

Information Security Concerns:

Use of third-party contact management services such as Plaxo is a violation of HPs policies and guidelines governing the handling of information. These services are not authorized by HP management and appropriate legal agreements are not in place to protect sensitive information.

Use of Plaxo on an HP computer can place your PC at risk to malicious code in Internet and email viruses and worms.

Because Plaxo can send messages on behalf of its members, some recipients may incorrectly believe those messages came from HP.

I bet the Outlook import and toolbar features of LinkedIn wouldn't pass the IT sniff test either.

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