October 09, 2005

teen panel at web2

There was an amusing panel discussion on the last day of web 2.0, among 5 local teens and Safa Ratschy of Piper Jaffray. The kids were 17 and 18, most in high school and one Cal freshman. Frankly, I don't think Safa is experienced interviewing teenagers, so the discussion was a bit aimless and the questions were haphazardly constructed. Nonetheless, there were some golden moments.

SR: Where do you search for music?

Sean: I use iTunes to find music I like, then I go to a BitTorrent site to download it. ITunes is a great database to look at albums. When I first got my iPod, I thought it would be good to pay for music, support the artists. But bittorrent is so easy.

Sasha: I use itunes to see what’s available. We have DC++ for Berkeley. I don’t pay for music anymore.

Jake: Torrents to get those new Daily Shows and Chappelle's Show. For music, IRC. You get amazing amounts of media off the internet for free, which is really sweet.

[I sure hope Piper and O'Reilly plan to indemnify these kids in some way]

SR: What about shopping online, where would you go to buy a phone?
D: T-mobile.
Sean: Verizon – I want that vcast to watch tv on the phone, that looks awesome.
Steffi: The Sprint store I guess.

SR: (clearly not getting the answer he wants) Maybe I asked the wrong question. How about if you want to buy a CD player?
Sean: Uh…CD player?
(audience ROFL)

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