March 06, 2004

Spring at last... spring at last... thank god almighty... it's spring at last!
I wore out the GPS batteries today, but I figure this was a good 12 mile circuit.
Snoopy was beside himself wanting to go, so I ran him for a mile first. Fun!
Beauty! Exhaustion! Just fabulous.

image01_1.jpg image02_2.jpg image03_3.jpg image04_4.jpg image05_5.jpg
image06_6.jpg image08_7.jpg image09_8.jpg image10_9.jpg image11_10.jpg
image12_11.jpg image13_12.jpg image14_13.jpg image15_14.jpg image16_15.jpg
image17_16.jpg image18_17.jpg image19_18.jpg image20_19.jpg image21_20.jpg
image22_21.jpg image23_22.jpg image24_23.jpg image25_24.jpg image26_25.jpg
image27_26.jpg image28_27.jpg image29_28.jpg image31_29.jpg image32_30.jpg
image33_31.jpg image34_32.jpg image35_33.jpg image36_34.jpg image37_35.jpg
image38_36.jpg image39_37.jpg image40_38.jpg image41_39.jpg image42_40.jpg
image43_41.jpg image44_42.jpg image45_43.jpg image46_44.jpg image47_45.jpg
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